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Instead of stuff, consider what might be fun to do, either together or separately. Ask yourself:

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Time, support, and other favors can be excellent gifts! Ask yourself:

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Most people who you are considering giving a gift probably already have what they need to thrive. However, this is not true for everyone in the world. Consider making a gift in the name of your receiver. Ask yourself:

Some organizations, like Heifer International, offer gift catalogs where you can select an item like a water buffalo or irrigation pumps to symbolically represent what the donation enables the organization to provide to others. For some givers and receivers, this can feel like a nice link to more traditional gift giving. For others, simply donating to a cause that they care about will be the best fit.

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One of our motivations for building this site was to try to stem the tide of holiday-induced random items. However, physical objects absolutely can make thoughtful gifts. If you're considering giving a physical object, ask yourself:

Used Objects. Just because something is used doesn’t mean you can’t wrap it up as a present! Giving used gifts can be an opportunity to share memories as well as useful items. Think used-but-still-functional clothes, toys, cookware, etc – perhaps items that the receiver has admired in the past. Your closets, basements, and attics might be a great place to start, but thrift and consignment stores can also be good places to find used-yet-still-useful treasures.

Consumable Objects. Food, beverages, and other similar consumables make for a nice blend of experience and object: the receiver can enjoy them, but isn't burdened with something to keep long-term.

Homemade Objects. Can you make something to distribute, either consumable or otherwise?

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Are there some people with whom you could agree to not exchange gifts? It's worth asking, and you might find that the other person is as relieved as you to cross a gift off of their list.

Wrapping Ideas

A wrapped package can be a delicious mystery. Here are some ideas for wrapping: