Why Gift Instead?

There are many reasons for purchasing fewer holiday gifts, including:

In addition to these reasons, I very much think the best sort of gift giving focuses on relationships, not things. My favorite gifts to give or receive are those that acknowledge a connection with the recipient: gifts that show that you try to understand what that person loves and values.

What if I want to add an item that’s not on the site?

There are blank gifts for you to add and customize as you create a wish list. You can also edit the title and description of any gift idea once you’ve added it to your wish list. This gives you lots of freedom to tweak ideas to fit your needs.

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How can I change the image of an idea?

You can’t. Sorry. We're a small team and are unable to moderate to this degree.

Where can I learn more about ways to support buying nothing (or less) this holiday season?

For more ideas, check out these sites:

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